It is no news that Whatsapp is the most popular messenger app out there. With more and more Whatsapp hack applications sprouting in every direction, people are often confused as to what works and what doesn’t.

To make sure an app hack works successfully, you should know what security measures are used by Whatsapp. Only with that knowledge will you be able to choose the perfect hacking software to keep your close ones secure.


The solid end to end encryption system

The new encryption system is incorporated in all the latest versions of the app. What it does is encrypt both ends of a chat with secure QR codes. Now, it might sound very basic, but it isn’t so at all.

A Quick Response code is 2 dimensional unlike its older sibling, the bar code. Essentially, it means that QR codes store data both vertically and horizontally, while the barcode only follows a linear pattern.

It allows QR codes to hold more information and be a lot tougher to decrypt. Once two users have encrypted their chat through both ends, every message is mathematically jumbled and can only be read accurately by the users. Not even Whatsapp can read the messages as a middleman.

So, now that you know how the app secures user information, you must understand how other software hack Whatsapp online.

How to bypass end to end encryption?

Although end to end encryption is the latest security measure, there are still some loopholes that people can use to hack the Whatsapp profile of others whose phone they have access to. MxSpy is the app whatsapp hack that you need right now!

Here are the steps:

  1. Uninstall WhatsApp messenger on your phone. After that, try to retrieve the Media Access Code of your target’s phone by visiting their About Phone option.
  2. After retrieving your target’s MAC address, save your own MAC address someplace securely.
  3. Now change your existing address and use the address of your target. This allows you to pose as your target to Whatsapp. There are various spoofing apps on the market that you can use to complete this step.
  4. Now, reinstall the Whatsapp app and try to login with the target’s mobile number. You can easily retrieve the one-time password that your target will receive on their phone. Delete the code’s message from their phone just to be safe.
  5. You can now view their messages and contact list without any problem. Change your MAC address back to your original one, after you finish with hacking your target’s mobile.

It is an extremely effective and easy way to hack someone’s Whatsapp account by using Copy9. However, you should use this method under extreme circumstances only to keep your loved ones safe and away from harm.

If reported, the government might hold you responsible for impersonating someone else on virtual media. The law might act against you and convict you of it. 

You can also check other paid and unpaid apps online that help you hack WhatsApp chat history – 9Spyapps which allow you to do it. Go ahead and play safe!