Many people are looking for efficient ways to spy on text messages when they suspect someone. Everyone has their personal reasons why they want to read someone`s messages. Usually people doubt their partners, children or employees that they are doing something they are not supposed to be doing. By spying someone`s phone you can get a peace of mind that everything is all right, or you might be able to make a good strategy how to approach the problem. Consider the features and characteristics of all apps and pick the one you think is best for your needs. Today there are many apps for spy text and the following are the top five for doing so.

spy on text messages

  1. Copy9

This application is a very useful tool through which you can spy someone’s text messages. Besides reading text messages you can also view the received and dialed numbers, check out online history and many other things. Another great feature is that with Auto Forward Spy you can monitor the targeted phone at all times, and the phone owner will never know that you are doing that. Reading someone`s text messages has never been easier with this application, and with the social media app access you can check the user`s activities on social media too.

3. DDI Utilities

This app is one of the most efficient apps you can find on the market if you want to intercept text messages without target phone. With help of this app you can go really deep into someone`s phone and check all things you are interested in. DDI Utilities also works on iOS operating systems, so it is compatible with wide variety of phones. With DDI Utilities you can check all messages that have been sent, received or deleted from the targeted phone. GPS locator is another great option, and there is a call recording station for checking out the phone calls. Besides all that, you can also easily access photos and videos in the targeted phone.

     4. MxSpy

 Mxspy has been known as a very good sms spy tool with which you can easily hack phones and read text messages. Besides spying on text messages, you can access phone`s location, calls, instant messages and with this app you can remotely access the targeted phone. Highster Mobile functions really well both on Android and iOS operating systems, and you also have the possibility to make free updates for this application.

     5. Spyzie

This application is one of the best when it comes to spying on other people`s text messages. There are plenty of great features that make the app really superior for reading someone`s messages. You can do complete tracking to any type of phone you can find on the market. Text messages can be tracked in real time and social media data can also be accessed and recorded very easily

    6. SurePoint Spy

SurePoint Spy can do a lot of great things for you besides just simple spying on text messages. You can use it for complete surveillance of the targeted phone and get access to numerous other things. There is no need to root the phone or for jailbreak, as this app just requires simple installation. After you install it you can easily track and monitor all activity on the targeted phone. This application works especially well for those people that want to check out what their employees are doing during the work time. Text message tracking, GPS tracking, call and email recording, and social media monitoring are a few other great features of this spying app.