How to Remove System Defender from Your Computer

System Defender is one of the latest spywares to infect the computers worldwide and it is spreading rapidly through the internet. The spyware claims to defend your system against security threats, but in reality it is a dangerous program that can destroy your computer and steal your information. System Defender targets computers running on Windows operating system and it can install itself on your computer without your knowledge.

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System Defender can download and install itself on target computer through security loopholes. There is a greater chance of infection if you visit infected websites or download files from untrustworthy P2P networks or Warez sites. Once this spyware is installed on your system, it will show its true colors and make your life miserable. For instance, you will notice lots of fake security scans and pop up messages, slow system performance, system crashes and freezing, browser redirects and hijacks, presence of strange icons and wallpaper on your desktop etc. System Defender is also capable of stealing your information by recording the details that you type on your keyboard. Needless to say this could result in identity theft or loss of money.

How to remove System Defender from your computer

You can remove System Defender in one of the two ways – manual removal or by using an automatic tool. The manual removal process is better suited to computer experts who can navigate their way through Windows registry and program structure. In the manual removal method, the first step is to locate dangerous registry entries in the LOCAL_HKEY_USER registry folder. Use the keywords “SystemDefender” or “System_Defender” to locate the suspicious entries in the registry. The next step is to locate the programs, processes, DLL and LNK files related to this spyware. Finally you need to delete all the dangerous entities including registry entries and block the infected websites in your browser. You must ensure that you delete every trace of System Defender from your computer or else it will simply regenerate itself when you reboot your computer.

As you can see from the above steps, it is not easy to get rid of System Defender through manual methods. It is time consuming and fraught with risks since it involves tinkering with Windows registry. This is why experts recommend using automatic tools to get rid of this malicious spyware. There are several tools that can remove this spyware from your computer in a matter of minutes. You can find these tools on reputed download sites such as CNET or Tucows. Download the trial version of a good tool and install it on your computer. Scan your computer with the tool to see if it can remove System Defender from your computer successfully. Continue reading this: how to spy on someones phone without them knowing

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